Jackie Proposes a NH Minimum Wage Bill

Jackie Cilley (D-Barrington) speaks with former House Majority D.J. Bettencourt ( R-Salem) about her minimum wage increase bill on WTPL-FM in Bow on January 8.

After a four-year absence from the New Hampshire General Court, newly-returned state Rep. Jackie Cilley, D-Barrington, announced that her first piece of legislation – and her chief priority in the coming session – is to give New Hampshire’s struggling workers a raise with an increased minimum wage paired with the elimination of the so-called “tipped minimum wage.” This legislation would mark a return to a state-based minimum wage and move tipped workers into the economic mainstream with a raise from the current rate of $2.90.

Cilley, whose legislation would raise the minimum wage to $14.25 per hour over a three year-period and eventually tie the tipped minimum wage to the same figure, argues the move from both a matter of fairness and economic common sense.

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02 2015

Dear Barrington Voter

Vote for Jackie on November 4Don’t be fooled by candidates who claim they will slash State budgets but don’t explain how they will protect you against rising property taxes. Many needs, such as educating our children or maintaining our roads and bridges, don’t go away simply because the State fails to pay its fair share. Instead, the costs roll down to property taxpayers just like you and me.  As your next State Representative you can count on me to stand against damaging State cost-shifting to Barrington’s property taxpayers.  We must shift damaging cost-shifting to Barrington property taxpayers while preserving our K-12 education, pristine environment, and bridge and road safety.  We must have smart, cost-effective State Government that places no further tax burden on our town.

  • Born Berlin, NH
  • Barrington Resident 25+ years
  • Represented Barrington in Concord, 2005-2006
  • Representative; 2007-2010, State Senate
  • UNH Bachelor of Arts & Masters of Business Administration
  • University of New Hampshire Adjunct – 20+ years
  • Business Consultant – 15+ years
  • Helped Build Barrington Horseshoes Plus, Inc. with husband Bruce – 22 years



10 2014

Ebola, Enterovirus, Scabbies And What These Have to Do with Elections

There has been no shortage of scary healthcare issues in the headlines over the past several weeks. Interestingly, the public fear has been disproportionate to the possibility of one of these actually impacting the health and lives of each of us or our families.

Ebola, for example, while exotic, highly lethal and without a known cure, can only be contracted through direct contact with a symptomatic patient according to healthcare professionals. At this writing, one person who came down with the disease on US soil in Dallas, Texas, has died and another, a healthcare worker who treated that patient has now been confirmed as the second US Ebola patient. The likelihood this disease will spread widely throughout the US population is minimal at best.

Scabbies, is a nasty little mite that causes severe itching and can compromise the immune system of those with secondary disorders. It is highly contagious. Two people at the Dartmouth Medical facility in Hanover, NH have been diagnosed as carrying the mite and up to 200 are at risk of having contracted it. The disorder can be treated with prescription-strength topical creams and oral medications when necessary.

Enterovirus is a seasonal virus, originally identified in 1962, has a number of different strains and affects millions of people around the world each year. The EV68 variety making headlines this year was identified in 1987 and there have been outbreaks each year. This year’s strain has affected more people and more lethally than those in the past with 700 confirmed cases and the death of five children. In terms of transmission and danger to our families, of the three healthcare issues above hands down it is EV68.

However, all three of these health challenges have one thing in common – the ability to control them and stop their spread relies on a modern, high quality healthcare system and the ability to access it. And, that is why they also have something to do with the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 4th.

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10 2014

Nobody Should Ever Deprive the American People of Their Right to Vote

Reason #3 to Reject a Return to O’Brien Legislature

The O’Brien legislature made voting more difficult in our state, placed another mandate on already struggling communities, and tried to ban military members and students from voting in New Hampshire.

On July 4, 2013 124 individuals from 57 countries were naturalized in a ceremony at Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth. There will be a comparable number today in 2014.

Last year I had the distinct honor and privilege of representing the District One Congressional Office and to shake every single individual’s hand at the conclusion of the ceremony. The warmth of every one of those handshakes, the excitement on their faces, their carriage and the pride with which their families celebrated their accomplishment, said all there was to say about how each felt about becoming an American citizen.
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07 2014

The Schooling of Dick and Jane

Reason #2 to Reject a Return to O’Brien Legislature

The O’Brien legislature was the most breathtakingly anti-education governing body we have seen in the state of New Hampshire.

If you were not a member of the 2011-2012 legislature, or if you were not reviewing every piece of legislation proposed during those two years as I did to share in the Legislative Action Alert, it would be truly difficult to appreciate the magnitude of the above statement. Frankly, it would be difficult to believe the number or scope of the attacks against public education and public school teachers that occurred over those two years (see example of Rep. Tasker at bottom of this column).
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07 2014

Downshifting Responsibility Hurts New Hampshire Citizens

Reason #1 to Reject a Return to O’Brien Legislature

The O’Brien legislature cost our communities tens of millions of dollars (estimates range from $150 million to $250 million of downshifting) that is now being shouldered directly by property owners.

While O’Brien apologists argue that his legislature reduced the budget by 9.2% (a figure not disputed by the NH Center for Public Policy, a think-tank that analyzes state budgetary impacts), what they fail to tell voters is that none of the costs attached to those reductions went away. These needs simply became costs to our towns and cities.
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07 2014

Welcome to my world of Politics

I’ve decided to go online to make keeping up with you easier, please stop back often to read the newest Updates on what’s happening in Concord.



07 2014